The wedding is a ritual that officializes the union between two people. At the manor, we celebrate love, friendship, passion, sacrifice and happiness between humans. Afterwards, we help them share all these noble feelings to their parents, grandparents, brother and to all those that take part at the couple’s moment. Because it is their moment. We pamper all of them with a gorgeous scenery, authentic menus, fine beverages and styled embellishments. All with the help of a hardworking and professional team. We have the accountability of Colette and Georges Polizu’s wedding, held here, at Maxut in 1928. We have the responsibility of noble weddings, true evidences of grace and taste.


April 26, 1928. Colette et Georges

May 16, 2015. Irina & Bogdan


Delight without surfeit.
Noblesse of love.