History of Domain & Dominant Figures


The first owner of the estate was porter Maxut which receives from Antioh Cantemir in 1700 a land at the border of Harlau for the services brought to the reign and country. Subsequently, in 1757 the house and land of Maxut comes into possession of cupbearer Sandu Sturdza. The same sources state that Maxut also had here a house but we do not know if it was built on the spot of the present manor or in the village.

Constantin Ghika-Deleni (1846-1910), politician of the era, the one who will build the manor and plant the park between 1880-1887, was a genuine representative of the high elegant class, of the sense of duty, of sacrifice, moral beauty and innate goodness. Entering in the possession of the estate from Maxut he decides to establish himself on the new property, which is why he will initiate in 1880 the construction of a residence, after the example of the high aristocracy Moldavian majority of the era.

Alexandrina Polizu (1881-1975) was the main figure of the estate, with a perfect control over the agricultural production, salaries, daily activities and the welfare of all guests. She was known and loved for her attention to details, for her beautiful soul, power and rising passion for gourmet dinners.