Alexandrina Polizu was an exquisite hostess. She used to serve her guests with delicate Romanian, French or German dishes, prepared using locally grown ingredients, or hunted by famous boyards. The respect given to ingredients, specific to those times, made her meals so much more – true places of joy and pampering. Menus were conceived according to season and guests. Manners, so strictly abided, truly enhanced the elegant frame.


Noble gastronomy accentuates the relationhip between guests and present culture, between authentic ingredients and discovering traditions. Or actually, rediscovering them. It accentuates the taste, the experiments, and reinterpretations. This is the source of appraising the dishes and beverages, in their modern, actual version.


In order to obtain this, we study old receipe books, used by Alexandrina Polizu, we get our inspiration from the Moldavian traditions, from Mrs Ina’s stories, we redeem ingredients and we use professional tools. All of them so that we can present a new soul, a noble one, worthy of such a rich history. The Unforgetable beauty of vegetable gardens. Of fresh cheese, of childhood’s memories and homemade pastry. Around our dishes there is dance, theatre, architecture, literature, music, sculpture, and painting.

This way, at Polizu Manor gastronomy becomes the eighth Art.
The Art of Peaceful Living.
The Art of Food.
Noblesse of Ingredients.

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