The concept of society integrate large series of meanings and values – thus it can mean so much, and yet so little. Each one of us, consciously or not, is a individual and defined member of society.
The noble society no longer represents only the title holders, or groups of families whose longevity makes them paragon of good practice. The noble society implies a group of well-bred people, whose passions and actions take further the common sense, the taste and attention to details. For them, etiquette is queen.


Nicolas, Adina, Georges & Colette at a Restaurant in Baneasa.




1. Well-bred
2. Education
3. Permanent evolvement of taste
4. Reason
5. Art of conversation
6. Literature knowledge
7. Morals
8. Self-control
9. Hospitality
10. Manners
11. Distinction


The grace of emotions implies an assumed level of education, principles and of conviviality. Assimilating them in a time highlighted by technology, time reprisal and negligence of one’s self, all seem to be efforts. Not true! Returning to self respect will only lead to the harmonious and coherent development of the conscious and unconscious. The respect for gastronomy and nutrition lead to a longer and happier life.

True Ode to Delight.

Story and conduct must be easeful. Because only like this can the soul rest in front of the ocean of green presented to the tourist from the manor’s balcony.

The way Polizu manor, in its entire concept, approaches the need to improve the knowledge of present society, but also tackles on continuous learning process. The values promoted by Polizu manor reside in the simplicity and distinction of the Ghika family, brought to life through nature, dishes, beverages, authentic materials and common sense.


Our guests are invited to follow the events organized at the Manor and under the patronage of Romanian Noblesse. For infusion with blessings.