Polizu Manor – Maison de Plaisance

History of style. Ode of pampering.

Polizu Manor is located among the beautiful Moldavian hills. The manor was built between 1880-1887 by politician Constantin Ghika-Deleni, in Maxut village, Iasi county.

The manor from Maxut is both a building with architectural value and a special place that keeps alive the memories and sentimental value of the gathering spot of Moldovan and Bucharest boyars during late nintheenth century and at the end of the Second World War. We find amongst senior guests of the place, during their stay in Iasi to find a refuge in the years of the First World War, Queen Maria, Princess Ileana and Prince Nicolae, who subsequently returned in 1926, leaving written evidence about their transition to Maxut, as guests of the couple Alexandrina and Polizu Micsunesti Niculae.

The arrival at Harlau, which is so full of memories of war […] warm welcome at the train station. Spouses Polizu, young Ghika- Deleni, General Zadic, officials etc. (…) The rest of the day was spent more or less at Macsut, where their hospitality is truly Moldavian. An extraordinary lunch, with extraordinary wines […] Back to Macsut, to take a walk through the vineyard and have an early dinner […]. The groups were as pleasant and cheerful as possible and the people from Macsut were particularly excited.

History of Domain & Dominant Figures

The Ideology

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Many thanks for photos and info to historian dr. Ruxandra Beldiman.